Some CKB history: 01/10/2004 to 31/12/2016

I started making  carbon kitesurf boards after I met up with some wakestyle riders in Antigua in 2005. I was inspired by the  Autofocus DVD being shot there at the time. (See Autofocus Trailer by Elliot Leboe ACL Productions.)

 Over the years I maintained friendships with  the Antiguan KiteScoop team founders and made a few protos which were taken there for tests and inspired a few of the later boards.

A short 2 min competition entry for Antigua Tourist Board I made over 2005-2007 about "Why I like Antigua" 


Antigua 2005-2007 from CKB Boards on Vimeo.


Keep scrolling down for a blast from the past. Click or tap for enlargement of images.

The last wakestyle board I made was in 2010

This was one of the first:

In 2006 I started making carbon decks for freestyle kite landboarding. My first team test riders were Ollie Raby, A J Philipsen & Lewis Wilby who gave considerable feedback on deck development leading to higher performance and strength. I have constructed 90 prototype carbon  landboard decks to date, 10 kiteboards, 3 Skimboards, 2 wakeskates and 4 skateboards.

Flexifoil ad 2007- Lewis on LB19 



LB81 (Top) with Trampa Trucks & Hubs

2012 Kiteboards & Landboards
In 2010-2012  I concentrated on some fun projects, sponsoring a
few new riders, a few repairs and 8 carbon landboard blanks
( for riders to shape their own landboard designs ).

Sponsored newcomer - Jake Kelsick
2011 Jake ANU to RoSham -Portland
2012 Jake ANU to UK on tour.
Visits to Sheffield & Liquid Leisure wake parks plus south coast to meet up with Ozone & then Rhosneigr Kite Jam.

Tona & Ozone pro rider Jake Kelsick - Interview

from CKB Boards on Vimeo.


Test Riders & Competitions

Will Rose

Sam Wyard

Yannick Schwickert

Max Lux

2014-2015  projects:

About 10 proto decks were constructed in 2014. I changed the tip riser angle to 20 degrees and gave the decks a more complex layup from LB77 using varying thickness over the deck to give the board more flex over the outer foot area and stiffer in the centre.
( 3D-Flex).  The 2014 decks used MTM28 prepreg which has a toughened epoxy.
I also made 2 pairs of new Ver004 prototype carbon/ Titanium skate trucks with a new design for the baseplate utilizing igus polymer spherical bearings.

LB83 with spread tow covers

LB-XXX Combines all the  performance enhancements - no limits !



2013 Kiteboards & Landboards

I spent 2013 perfecting the kiteboard project I started in 2012.
The new 2013 board was tested and found to be an improvement
even on the 2012 grey board. Unfortunately the stance is still too
narrow and my test rider is now fully committed to boots so I will
have to move the inserts.

I have been active in 2013 building a few landboards from some
new prepreg carbon I purchased this year and gave me an opportunity to sponsor a few new riders.

The construction differs from previous decks in that I use 100% woven fabric instead of alternate Uni-Directional with woven. This avoided  having to stock 2 types, but also gives more flexibility to try new designs.

The new carbon uses an MTM28 toughened resin system giving
more strength at the expense of a slight loss in transparency.

LB77 (left) has 20 deg risers , longer tips and a lower centre of gravity compared to earlier versions.


LB77 A New Kind of Deck from CKB Boards on Vimeo.

3D Flex -Varying the layup thickness & width allows control of Flex 
Molded Silicone grip for firmer finger grip at centre & tips.

New 2013 CKB riders,  Max Lux (centre) Will Rose (centre right)

 2004-2010 archive pics
ArchiveThumbslow.jpg (107839 bytes)

2012 Kiteboard Development 
James1small.jpg (118588 bytes) 
Three 130 x 41boards but with differing flex patterns                
The grey one was found to be best  and from video analysis it was
interesting that water pressure release in the form of spray was
directed at the inside of the rear fins deflecting it towards the centre line.
Perhaps the aeration of water at this point was the reason for the
test riders descriptions,,,"easy to plane and get going, fast and it
was buttery over chop, like floating on a cushion of air but with great
upwind ability and pop... better than any other board I have tried."

ThreeBoardsPlan.jpg (155179 bytes)
the white the grey and the black

145 x 45 Low Wind Board
elev.jpg (299354 bytes)
The large area and flatter centre rocker with slight lift at tips should
help in low wind conditions. To be tested.


InsertBlock.jpg (55564 bytes)   
To avoid problems with insert pullout I moulded the Stainless Steel
(A4 Grade) inserts into a 6mm thick laminated carbon block this
was cut to size and embedded in the core and lay-up of the skins.
fins.jpg (105207 bytes)
Durasurf was used on the base and Graphite/GF loaded Epoxy
rails cast on the Herex C71 core

LB65DetailTop.jpg (161512 bytes)   
The prepreg was Aerospace grade (MTM46) which I have not used
before and gives a finer plain weave with less resin content.

ThreeBrds.jpg (82042 bytes)
3-D shaping of the core and UD Carbon Fibre was used to control
Flex patterns in the 3 boards.

2012 Land board decks
SpreadTow.jpg (108859 bytes)  

I tried some spread tow prepreg to increase stiffness in a  centre box
section area.  

x-sect.jpg (26042 bytes)

6.0mm Cross-section with alternate UD & BD weaves & 0.7mm
Durasurf base. Lower number of voids with the MTM46 resin in the
woven fabric than expected due to 3-4 intermediate vac pull downs
during lay-up.

2010 Land board  LBXX

Using a solid carbon deck of medium flex I incorporated the truck mounting system into the deck itself. The Kingpin is Titanium and goes through the deck.The pivot cup is held in an enlarged thickness tip. The trucks are Version 001 solid carbon with Titanium stub axles and about half the weight of commercial ones but still compatible with the skate mounting system.The stub axles use shims and a SS circlip set in an annular grove to
locate the bearings with the help of a medium strength retaining compound to allow bearing replacement. These were originally  developed to be used on the carbon hubs I made in 2008 with Polymer bearings. (Version 002 trucks use the locknut and threaded axles to be compatible with standard bearing fit.)The grab is solid carbon with a dense EVA foam bonded during the prepreg cure. ( probably could do with an extra layer of less dense foam for more comfort).The footstraps are EVA foam pads with nylon straps held by a carbon
buckle attached to a Kevlar-DuraSurf strap and carbon L-shaped plate bolted to the deck with standard 2 cm spacing of M6 SS engineering screws and nyloc nuts.The deck is relatively thin and has a thickened spine section which runs into the truck area to give torsional rigidity. It is also not as waisted in the centre as other boards.The deck also has a slightly lower centre of gravity than those using standard commercial truck mounting plates. Greater flex at the tips due to the varying graduated thickness used in the foot to tip area. Potential spin rate is higher due to reduced mass of trucks. Stability at high speed was not compromised due to thickened
box section spine.



LBXX-SideMed.jpg (138650 bytes)

LBXX-FrontDetailMed.jpg (147293 bytes)

Tip detail with Carbon/Ti  trucks running on MBS Twistars, T3 tyres and 12mm bearings.  Carbon-Kevlar Footstraps

Feedback reports:  Jon Hayes  2010 CKB Team Rider

26th Sept 2010
"LBXX is standing up very good after initial problem with the trucks, ...

but they're holding up fine, had a light wind session on Saturday and the
board performs amazingly with the pop it delivers, and on Sunday super
powered in 28mph on 13m Venom 2.
The board again performs amazingly, pop is mental when joined with the

big wind conditions, was awesome fun. The board was ridden hard and
stood up well, the deck and tips are showing no signs of weakness, and
the trucks are also standing up fine to some pretty big jumps and kiteloop
transitions so all is well :) also hit 36.6mph on LBXX on Sunday in the big winds, was good fun, deck performs outstandingly in all areas.."

13th Nov 2010
"... the proto is still holding up fine, riding and looking sweet as
it did when i got it from you new :)"

 Jon Hayes 

Prototype 2010 137 x 43 Wakestyle Carbon Board
Object: Increased flex at tips for press type tricks and prevent chop dig-in .
Maintaining rockerline between bindings under load.
Finless with channels for grip on flat landings. Stiff centre tucked rail for

good grip & pop but smooth in transition.
Slidable Stainless steel inserts for flexible binding positions both stance

and boot width.
Full carbon with solid carbon tips  to allow length reduction for customisation.

Graphite/Epoxy rails.

137x43Ronix.jpg (131760 bytes)
Ronix Cells mounted on slider fixings

RockerLine.jpg (50827 bytes)
Rockerline ( 2.5 inch at tips)

TipChannelDetail.jpg (40702 bytes)   
Tip detail showing concaves and channels Still needs a bit more work.
Specifically:Avoidance of sharp transition from stiff area to flexible area by
tapering carbon thickness more. Increase of channel depth and re-model of
rail to stabilise edge grip.

StAnnesTest.jpg (141260 bytes)
Video frame grabs:  Branson Testing at St Annes.

Prototype 2010 Kite Specific Wakeskate
Object: Cheap ( sub 100 GBP) fun board to use up surplus Epoxy Resin and
other material.
Size: 118 x 41 cm
Weight 4.5 Kilos
Concave: 3.5 mm at centre tapering flat towards tips
Rail profile radius 3.0 m
Durasurf 0.7mm base with carbon tips
Laminated Marine grade wood & Herex C71 core
Lamination bond: Black pigmented prepreg Epoxy Film
Top surface: Textured Black pigmented Epoxy ( Grip tape or EVA to be added later)

FramGrab1.jpg (36464 bytes)   
Jon Cook giving it a short test.                                                    

FramGrab2.jpg (50482 bytes)
Video on Vimeo

Wakesk8-Unpainted.jpg (45451 bytes)    
Prior to edge finish  showing textured Epoxy grip (Grip tape later added)

WakeSk8-sect.jpg (43909 bytes)
Cross-section of lay-up with black Epoxy

Wksk8Elev.jpg (147512 bytes)
2011 -  Development of 3-D Concave for top surface

2010  Limited Edition Landboards
LB56 Use of coloured carbon weaves in lay-up

LB56-Shaped.jpg (83769 bytes)

LB52Blank.jpg (46720 bytes) 

Rectangular blank prior to shaping 

LB52TopLow.jpg (76211 bytes)
LB52 fitted out with MBS components prior to shipment to USA


Helping out  friends with broken boards I managed to salvage a Cabrinha
Custom  using stepped repair process.

For details click HERE

 compare.jpg (120582 bytes)

 BransonJabba1.jpg (64550 bytes)
Aggressive "testing" of repair by Jake & Branson in Antigua


Saddleworth, Diggle Weather Station and Live Webcam  HERE

Live weather console (needs Java enabled)  HERE